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Knock Out (KO) (Opus 94) Print E-mail
Knock Out (KO) [2004]
für Mli 1 Mli 2, Git 1 Git 2

1. Preis beim Kompositionswettbewerb des BDZ 2005
Uraufführung 2005 Scheveningen
Mexican Peanuts (Opus 40) Print E-mail

Mexican Peanuts for plucked string orchestra [1991]
written for Sigfried Behrend

  1. Jalisco Swingtime
  2. The Miracle
  3. The sacrificed Peanut
Two Pavanas (Opus 29) Print E-mail
Two Pavanas  for plucked string orchestra

Pavane Parvenue [1988]
Pavane Perdue [1989]

For the  plucked string orchestra of the northern district of Germany of the BDZ
FP Wuppertal

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